Certificate of Origin – Overview

Introduction :

In India, the Chambers of Commerce, Export Promotion Councils and various Trade Associations have been authorized by the Government to issue the
Certificate of Origin. The Central Silk Board, The Coir Board, Textile Committee are also authorized to issue such Certificates for the products under their purview.
Certificate of Origin is the document, which shows and confirms the origin of the product. i.e. the manufacturing country of the product.

RCCI’s Role :

RCCI is one such Chamber of Commerce, authorized by the Government of India to issue the Certificate of Origin (Non Preferential) to Exporters since 2006. RCCI has a dedicated team for issuing the Certificate of Origin and attestation of export related documents along with issuing of Visa Recommendation Letters to
the Members of RCCI for Commercial visit purpose. Members need to submit Exporters Invoice / Packing List for issuance of Certificate of Origin. It is mandatory to become an Associate Member of RCCI for availing the Certificate of Origin (Non Preferential).

Registration Procedure :

Exporters are required to submit Indemnity Bond on Rs. 100/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper issued by the Government of India. Once this is done, Exporters can collect the Stationery of Certificate of Origin. Certificate of Origin has to be typed and submit to us along with a copy of Exporters Invoice /Packing List. On submission of relevant documents, Exporters can avail the attested Certificate of Origin within an hour or immediately